National Seminar on Sustainable Rice Production Technology for Increasing the Farmers' Income

A national level programme on System of Rice Intensification (SRI) supported by Tata Trusts, Mumbai. This initiative has been in operation since 2008 in 11 states of the country implemented through a network of partner NGOs. Over the years, the SRI programme has been able reach to more than 1,50,000 poor and marginal farmers in rain-fed and hilly agro-climatic regions of the country resulting in increased production and food grain sufficiency without the use of additional inputs. Our efforts has enabled in generating various innovations in the SRI methodology ranging from low cost farm machinery for advancing this methodology to application of the simple and flexible set of SRI principles in other important food and cash crops grown by farmers. System of Rice Intensification or SRI as an agro-ecological phenomenon has slowly and gradually seen a growing acceptance among farming communities in India and across the globe. More and more number of actors has exhibited interest to promote and advocate this resource-conserving methodology among small-holder farmers to boost agricultural production. However, SRI being a knowledge intensive approach that has sparked interest and curiosity among various stakeholders in recent times, there arises the need for an integrated research framework to streamline and correlate the work being done in this field by a range of actors like the Government, research institutions and universities, NGOs, farmers and the academia. In this context, a National Level Seminar is being organized by Tata Trusts and IGKV, Raipur from 20-21 December 2018 in collaboration with Chhattisgarh chapter of Indian Society of Agricultural Engineers and Chhattisgarh State Centre- Institute of Engineers (India) to bring together under one platform, the Government, civil society organizations, state agricultural universities, research institutions, students, farmers and manufacturers that have played a key role in upscaling this innovation. Apart from developments in SRI across India, the two-day event will showcase some of the major research work done in this field by scientists, experts and academia for greater understanding and dissemination of SRI as a sustainable agricultural phenomenon. Further, it will focus on strategies for strengthening collaborative research between the mainstream research institutions and universities with the Tata Trusts supported SRI programme in the country.