SRI Weblinks

Important SRI Weblinks
This is a premier institute of the Cornell University, USA addressing the importance of SRI practices as an environment friendly and yield increasing technology. It has an excellent and exhaustive compendium of news, resources, research documents, publications as well as good weblinks and blogs on System of Rice Intensification across the globe.
This is maintained by the WWF-ICRISAT supported project on SRI in India. It supports a decent collection of initiatives across India as well as publications on SRI with a focus on System of Sugarcane Intensification (SSI) happenings from the country.
Watershed Support Services and Activities Network (WASSAN), Secunderabad, is an informal network of NGOs in India and carries some good collection of practices, technical reports and publications on the SRI methodology.
The World Bank Institute, through knowledge sharing and learning, seeks to inspire, inform and catalyze development practitioners into action for reducing poverty. This multimedia toolkit on System of Rice Intensification is a great example of the power of information and its potential to shape future actions geared towards achieving more with less resources.
Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore has recently inducted a comprehensive blog page that offers best practices, success stories and related issues on the spread and adoption of SRI in India. It boasts of an extensive information source on SRI publications, post-harvest technologies, rice varieties, management of pests and diseases in SRI and lots more.
This is the webportal of Better U Foundation and related initiatives on System of Rice Intensification - launched by Hollywood icon Jim Carrey. It presents a splendid illustration on the SRI principles and supports a decent collection of SRI initiatives from three countries - Madagascar, Mali and Haiti.
This is the site of Japan Association of SRI facilitated by the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences, University of Tokyo. It has some good archives on SRI across the globe, newsletters and pertinent weblinks with focus on SRI initiatives from South East Asian nations.
Facilitated by Central Agricultural University, Arunachal Pradesh and supported by Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), this site has a decent compendium of the principles followed in the SRI methodology. It also has a unique collection of various ICTs for Agriculture Extension that are useful and informative.
PRAGATI is a grassroots organization with presence in South Odisha and works on promoting eco-friendly livelihoods for the rural poor. The site has a good compendium of case studies on individual SRI farmers.
This site offers some information on SRI practices from the country with a collection of SRI experiences of farmers from different states of India.
The main objective of the GSRI and its Secretariat is to create a dynamic partnership between the SRI members to generate concrete programs of action and to make the system known to rice farmers around the world. The Better U Foundation, The Groupe Conseil Development (GCD) and the Rotary Club of east Lille, France jointly developed this site containing information about SRI practices, programs and results.